About Us – Ecological and Wildlife Safaris


Emmanuel Kajungu | Travel Expert

Ecological and Wildlife Safaris is a registered company under the laws of Uganda and East Africa’s company acts. We have been in the business for the last four years with excellent progress. We have a team of high professional levels and expertise in travel and tourism. We organize both packaged and tailored safaris. We transverse East Africa ranging from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Dr. Congo. East Africa at large has a lot to offer in tourism, that is why we choose to Explore the entire region.


We aim to conquer East Africa in travel and tourism. We want to champion East Africa in tourism.  


our major goals are; – To provide fair and affordable travel and tourism services – To provide excellent and professional travel services – To be the best and most recommendable travel company in East Africa – To advocate for protection of wildlife and environmental conservation – To promote East Africa to international levels.

Moses Byaruhanga | Travel Expert
Moses Byaruhanga | Travel Expert


We are looking at building a high professional team and successful company that will be able to expand our services beyond the boarders of East Africa.

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